Reviews for Seoul Urban Photography Tour

Melinda G.

Great photographic exploration of Hwanghakdong flea market--day tour. I met Andrew last week for a photographic stroll through the Hwanghakdong flea market in Seoul. Andrew is very generous with his tips, techniques and perspectives on photography in addition to his knowledge of Seoul: --we began our tour talking about how to approach a new area and how to see it. This was a very helpful perspective for me to learn about the craft. --He shared his tripod with me and we played with that during parts of our tour. --I learned how to use the live view feature on my camera for this kind of still life and street photography (technically, I learned how he used it on his camera as I didn't know yet how to set it on mine) --it was fun to have him shoot along the way as it's helpful to compare perspectives from the way other people shoot and then to adjust accordingly --as we walked, he shared perspectives on culture and history that enhanced the value of the images we created. --Though we had our start and end points, we did not have a set course for our stroll and we discovered some interesting alleys along our route; the serendipity yielded some interesting opportunities for images. I am not a new photographer but I am new to photo day trips. I learned some technical and artistic tips, created some interesting images and had an enjoyable time walking a fascinating city with a delightful teacher. He communicated responsively before our trip (times, meeting locations, ideas for the trip, etc). I will take a trek with Andrew again if the opportunity presents itself!