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Andrew M.
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Confluence Tours each explore an angle of the history of land speculation in Sacramento. 2017 tour offerings include:

Gold Rush Revolution - An exploration of events surrounding the 1850 Squatters' Riot, in which idealistic Settlers faced increasingly brutal and deceitful tactics from the Speculators who ruled Sacramento City.
Older Sac - A look at the waterfront just north of the familiar tourist district, where the area's first settlement occurred before the ascent of the speculative swampland of the Grid.

“It was like seeing Sacramento with Howard Zinn.” – Laura O., Washington DC.

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Andrew M.

I'm a Sacramento native who grew up with no idea of what really happened in my hometown's early days. I'm trying to set the record straight. Full profile

1 Review

Pamela S.

My husband and I found Andrew's tour of Old Sacramento and its history both interesting and informative. He shared unknown facts about the early settlement of the city and even brought to life a few fallacies. I would highly suggest this tour, especially if you enjoy history or economics.

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