Mystras, Greece

Mystras Day Trip From Kalamata

with Telia N.

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Telia N.
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Our journey will start at your hotel and in less than two hours we will have reached our destination, the castle town of Mystras.

The route is spectacular, as we will cross the famous and full of myths and traditions mountains of Taygetos.

Our first stop for photos will be in Keadas. We will be witnesses of the cliff at which Ancient Spartans were bringing and throwing their newborn sick children.

We'll leave you in the upper gate, along with a brochure for each attraction separately. The route that you will follow is only downhill since we will wait for you at the exit of the lower gate.

You will be wandering around Acropolis of William, which dominates the top of castle town. In narrow streets at which once walked princesses and Byzantine emperors. In museums within the cluttered walls, full with elements of daily life. In monasteries where nuns are still living. In churches where emperors were enthroned.

Join us and feel like the princess or the knight of your childhood fairy tales.

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Telia N.

Hello, my name is Telia and I would like to be your compass for a day, in my hometown Kalamata. Kalamata belongs to the region of Peloponnese, we are right next to a big port and that make us have hospitality in our DNA. I work many years now, with visitors coming in Kalamata. I really love being around of people with different cultures and my goal is to make them enjoy and share my passion of all the beauties of my country. Full profile Leave a Review

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