Berlin, Germany

Wild Wedding/History, Art and Currywurst

with Luna

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We start at the front of Natural History Museum of Berlin. Then we take a stroll to the former royal iron factory. I tell you real life Storys about the past and the hard life from the people at the beginning of the 19th. The district also was called: Fireland, because of all the kilns and the smoke. We pass Invalidenpark and the second oldest cemetary of Berlin: The Invalidenfriedhof (from 1748). The name come from war invalids. We dive further into German history and see part of the route of the Wall of Berlin, visit the grave of "Scharnhorst"(famous war leader) and see the location where Günther Lifin was shooted- the first wall- victim. We walk on to an old watchtower, along the canal and reach the Weddingarea . There we will visit the "Milchmeergalerie". A unique gallery with a psychodelic touch and amazing art. At the end of our tour we enter an original old Berlin pub for a beer and for the best Currywurst, you can eat in Berlin. You will meet local people and we can talk about our impressions. I look forward to meet you ( :

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Hello, my name is Luna and I love to travel and ve been around the world. Now I life in my favorite city: Berlin. I like to show you my Berlin, the non touristic way and I like to show you my "Kiez". I am interested in history, love the lakes in and around Berlin and also like to go to Partys. If you would like to share my experiences, you are very welcome to book a tour. In most of the tours, I take my dog: Samstag(Saturday) with me and we show you the Berlin far away from the touristic path. Full profile Leave a Review

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