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The Cajun Kids Tour was created by an 11 year old little girl being raised in New Orleans, Louisiana with the help of her mother who is a local tour guide. Together they took Louisiana legends & folklore that have been passed down for generations and created a tour that is fascinating!

Learn superstitions that are deeply rooted in New Orleans homes!

For example, Do you know why New Orleans residents do not sleep in the moonlight? They have a fear of going Moon Mad!

For good fortune it is believed that you should not eat the ends of a loaf of bread before you have eaten the middle. If you do, you will have trouble making ends meet!

If an alligator was to crawl under a house, it could be a sign of an impending death!!

To protect yourself from the Rougarou (the swamp monster) at night children can lay coins in front of their bedroom doors. The Rougarou loves things that are shiny however he is not very smart he cannot count higher than the number 12. So as long as you put more than 12 pennies out where he will see them he will stop and pick them up, next he will try to count them, but because he is not very smart he will get confused and he will end up spending the entire night trying to count the pennies! When dawn comes he will have to flee to get out of the sunlight!

During this two hour tour the tour guide will tell many legends, stories of Louisiana folklore and superstitions just like these!

During this tour kids will learn about Hurricane Katrina. They will get to see a boat that was donated to a Louisiana State Museum. The boat saved over 300 people after the storm!

This tour also visits National Historic Landmarks and locations where very important Louisiana history was made!

Visit where the Louisiana Purchase was signed!

Children must be accompanied during this entire tour.
The tour guide is local, licensed & registered with New Orleans Safety & Permits.

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LOOK NO FURTHER FOR THE MOST INFORMATIVE AND ENTERTAINING TOURS IN NEW ORLEANS! OUR MOST POPULAR TOUR -- THE NEW ORLEANS DRUNK HISTORY TOUR-- RATED NUMBER ONE BY GAMBIT 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018! I decided to open this tour company because the passion that I have for New Orleans! I was blessed having a mentor who was the original creator of New Orleans Ghost and Vampire Tours! He taught me the history of New Orleans along with the "dark side" that many people have absolutely no idea about! I learned about the deep dark legends and secrets lurking in and around the world famous French Quarter. After getting my license and becoming a tour guide I decided to open my own tour company! To date, because of the popular demand this has become a family owned and operated business. Our family genuinely appreciates each and every guest.I know for a fact that when visitors come to visit our beautiful city if they allow us the pleasure of giving them the tour they will be given the Best Tour Hands Down in the city of New Orleans, Guaranteed!! So when you book a tour with us you know that this isnt a big company that does not care. You are doing business with a family located right in the heart of the world famous French Quarter! I, along with all our staff members are licensed & registered with New Orleans Safety & Permits. We are also certified travel professionals through The New Orleans Visitors & Convention Bureau. We have taken all 7 specialty courses offered by them & completed them with a score of 100%. We have researched the history of New Orleans, its beautiful architecture that makes it so unique, its culture, cuisine, along with darker side with its unsolved murders & suicides! We have investigated the paranormal activity! Our tours offer paranormal equipment for those interested in the paranormal we have you covered all the way to the next level lol After digging in New Orleans history that lead to a new desire! I started researching our beautiful cemeteries & all of the secrets that they hold. We do not offer cemetery tours any longer however we do share a lot of information during the tours that we do offer and guests see a mass burial ground during our tour right in the French Quarter. Most folks walk by and have no idea that it is even there! During tours we like to explain New Orleans Traditional Burial Practices, why we have above ground cemeteries, & why we traditionally reuse the vaults over & over! Depending on the tours of course --- we all always try to give a good rounded tour that offers a little of everything so that each person gets a taste for what they are interested in. Visitors will learn about New Orleans History & Architecture. Guests also learn about famous people such as Marie Laveau the famous Voodoo Queen of New Orleans & Delphine LaLaurie. Guests will visit multiple Historic Landmarks and Louisiana State Museums. They will even get the pleasure of seeing the exact location where the Louisiana Purchase was signed in 1803. Of course no New Orleans tour would be complete without learning about the "Dark Side" of New Orleans including Ghosts, Pirates, Vampires and Voodoo!! We have made sure that all of the tours that we provide are educational and entertaining! These tours are made up of Everything that has played a role in making New Orleans the Amazing, and very Special city that it has become! We have a passion for New Orleans! Some people say they live in their city, I say New Orleans lives in me! Come join us on an exploration of New Orleans & as we say in NOLA..... Laissez les bon temps rouler!! (Let the good times roll!) Your Friends at Nawlins Theatrical Tours Where Learning is Intoxicating.... drink up! The more you drink the better chances of seeing a ghost. Full profile Leave a Review

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