Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia Cultural Tour

with Marina J.

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Marina J.
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Come and see the capital of Bulgaria through the eyes of a Bulgarian. I will show you Sofia in a different way and will tell you about the Bulgarian History, cuisine, culture, night life, restaurants, sport, nature,music etc. As a young person I know all the hot spots in the city and will be glad to share them with you. Let me be your private tour guide in Bulgaria :)

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Marina J.

Dear travelers, I am happy that you have chosen to come and explore our small piece of paradise called Bulgaria. Traveling is one of the best investments we can afford throughout our lifetime. It’s very typical for me by visiting other countries that my expectations about feeling and experiencing the real spirit of life there are fully me. After years of traveling abroad I have decided that the best thing I can do is to show people my beautiful land with the passion and love I have for it. Why choose me? Hmm… good question and an easy one! Here some suggestions: • My motto: To be a tour guide is not only a job, it is a mission to be an ambassador of my country. • I am a citizen of the world and an experienced traveler. To be a foreigner on the Balkan Peninsula is a challenge and it will be a pleasure for me to be the connection between your cultures and mine and to show you the real Balkan spirit – you will be lost in translation in the right way. • My interests are diverse which helps me showing you in a better way every side of our culture: cuisine, crafts, nature, history, national music and dancing, sports, agriculture • I can give you an advice how to organize your trip in the best possible way and what to see and visit, depending on the time and interests you have. I also have been working for different agencies which gives me the knowledge base of the best spots of accommodation within the country. • I am an experienced driver - saving you money and time • I work with individuals and groups • Last but not least “Who wants only a knowledgeable tour guide? “ As a person I am always positive and I believe that the smile can make your day:) I have been working with customers for 13 years now and your traveling experience in Bulgaria and the way how you feel during your visit here are the things that matter to me. So if you have still any doubts, just give me a call or write me an email :) Full profile Leave a Review

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