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When first timers watch the Titicaca Lake most say "it´s too beautiful." Indeed, it is.
However, there´s way more there in addition to the Lake and we take you there!
We arrange how you get to Puno, where Titicaca Lake is (air, bus, train, according to your budget and needs)
This is a 2 days experience that starts early in the morning pick you from the airport, train station or hotel.
Me, your guide, will be all the time with you.
Then we travel in a speedboat to the Uros artificially made islands. However, we do not go to the area that is packed with tourist. We go to an area where there are only few families and few islands so to get the real feeling and view of how the Uros natives lives.
You can travel in one of their Totora raft ships and get some real handicrafts while also tasting their food.
From there we go to Taquile Island. Just beautiful, where we walk around watching some of the most beautiful landscapes of the area. We have a delicious lunch made with local products and around 5 pm we´re back into Puno.
Next day we travel to the Aramu Muru Portal, a most amazing rock structure carved by ancient civilizations (way, way older than Inca) that is know by high authorities of the spiritual and paranormal research as a "dimensional portal."
We also walk around the "stone woods of Juli" and you can get your own conclusions if those are just natural rocks or actually very ancient walls from a lost civilization.
From there we go to a beautiful beach to very few know where you can actually feel and (it is cold but you can) take a dip into the clear and clean waters of the Titicaca Lake.
We get a delicious lunch in Juli (their bread is just the best) and off we go to Sillustani.
The enormous stone burials of Sillustani are surrounded by a beautiful lake (not Titicaca) and hills where you can also check face to face (beware, they spit) Alpacas looking curiously at you.
All included, just add your amazement!

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I´m a Peruvian with many years guiding and training professional guides in Peru who likes to work with very small groups and travelers with disabilities. I'm a communications and Media specialist as also a writer, filmmaker and producer... and I love and know very well my country My travels have been of world exploration but also of inner exploration, deep into my spirituality so years ago I started to help people doing their own explorations but in Peru with the needed logistics and by being their eyes and ears knowing them they can absolutely trust in me. I have a great and direct knowledge about Peru´s mysteries, Sacred Plants and Spiritual Life. All that handled on a most serious and careful manner and I love to share that knowledge with visitors with the same interests. Full profile Leave a Review

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