Luang Prabang, Laos

1Day Tour in Luang Prabang

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Your Early morning see the monks, then enjoy walking tour spin around Luang Prabang…and you will understand why it deserves the World Heritage title! Visit Wat Visoun, the site of impressive Thad Makmo stupa. The rounded dome is stylistically more Sinhalese than Lao. Phou Sii hill stands right in the center of this small city. Climb its 350 steps to enjoy commanding views for many miles in each direction; Wat Phu Sii sits atop the mountain, along side the skeletons of Indochina war anti-aircraft guns! Then continue to visit Wat Mai. Built in 1796, the five-tiered roof of the wooden Sim (chapel)epitomizes the graceful Luang Prabang architectural style. Wat Xieng Thong further emphasizes the uniqueness of Luang Prabang, its several roofs sweeping low to the ground. See also the impressive "tree of life" mosaic here. The gilt panel on the exterior of the chapel depicts semi-erotic episodes from the Ramayana. Then visit the National Museum.

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My name is Boualavong VONGMISAY. I was born in Vientiane and I moved to Luang Prabang 15 years ago. I was monk in Luang Prabang for 2. 5 years, during my Education period, and then I finished my monkhood, so I try to find the way for work, I start to work at the hotel management first until 2004, then I became a step on guide until today, I really love guiding, I can do Adventure, classic tour. . . . Luang Prabang is the world heritage town, full of history temples, culture, life. . . Full profile Leave a Review