Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Freiburg Through Your Lens

with Harper

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A walking documentary photography tour and tutorial, bring your camera and let's go!

Want to learn more about your camera while exploring scenic Freiburg Germany? Take a walking tour down historic streets while the sun sparkles off the Bächle. Explore the play of light against shadows in the oldest cemetery. Capture the color and crowd at the grand city market. Guided by your own private photography lesson with a professional photographer.

With the scenic and visual rich backdrop of Freiburg in your photographs you can expect to learn lasting technical photography skills. Perhaps learn about a new camera purchased for a vacation, or for an experienced shutterbug solve advanced questions toward better composition, exposure, or flash. If you are a seasoned professional take a condensed guided tour of all the hidden scenic gems of Freiburg and the best possibilities to make amazing photographs for a portfolio.

Each session will be tailored to individual skill level and specific needs including tips toward:
1. Better understanding of dramatic light in photography
2. Photographic composition, framing, capturing the moment
3. Learning a stronger eye toward content, portraits, subject
4. Visual balance and lines to aid emphasis in your images
5. Reviewing and editing your photographs in camera

As an Expat Artist living in Germany I adore Freiburg and it's beautiful city streets which allure novice and professional photographers alike. As a Professor of Fine Art in the States + 10 years, I have wealth of experience teaching Digital Photography at all skill levels. I'm a big fan of all photography enthusiasts! Capture memories on your vacation, or an advanced tutorial that will take your photography skills to a new level.

Tour includes unique highlights of Freiburg, one-on-one tutorial with your own camera equipment. All camera types welcome!

Additional Services: Photo Assistant, Post Production, Large Seminars.

Native English speaker with German and French.

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