Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Apfelstrudel With an Expat

with Harper

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Planning to transplant your family to Germany, or move to Freiburg for a job? Or have you ever just been curious what it's like to live abroad?

Come enjoy coffee and the best apple strudel in Freiburg, while we chat about the adventure of moving to a foreign country!

Changing your address is often the last step when preparing for the life event of finding a new home overseas. The process can be an joyful journey full of new opportunity, and at times a challenging undertaking full of stress. As an Expat living in Germany for years now, my family and I have learned a tips to help smooth the move abroad.

Topics of conversation can include:

1. Moving and documentation
2. Culture shock and language
3. Finding an apartment and living costs
4. Schools, helping loved ones settle
5. Homesickness
6. Moving for love

I'm looking forward to meeting you to listen to your story, or your own plans about making the jump to Germany or abroad. Let's go!

This informal tour includes the cost of a coffee or tea and an Apfelstrudel pastry. Family or friends are more then welcome to join, but are responsible for their own food and beverages costs.

Please note, this does not include additional food, drink, or transportation.

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As we taste new dishes, see new mountains, smell the ocean for the first time! These experiences shape us while helping us to understand a larger world view. My first real extensive travel experience for three months in India was life changing. When I returned, I found the journey helped me become a different person, I was convinced I could do anything and go anywhere! That was almost ten years ago, since then I've visited many more places around the world and had amazing learning experiences during my journeys. Including the life experience of becoming an Expat in Germany. I truly believe the adventure of traveling to foreign lands, or a new city, can give meaning to a profoundly human experience of belonging. Encountering different cultures can shake even re-shape our sense of place. The joy travel gives goes beyond just getting from one place to another. In spirit it can be an introspective journey, while making new connections and friends along the way! - Herzliche Grüße Full profile Leave a Review

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