Colorado Rocky Mountains

Backcountry Survival Adventure

with Nick C.

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Nick C.
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Explore Colorado's backcountry with me to learn and execute the skills discussed in the youtube link below.
These no nonsense outdoor survival tactics can turn a potential threat into a minor inconvenience. Get a hands-on outdoor survival learning experience in one of Colorado's expansive wilderness areas.

Duration: 1/2 day short hike ($300 per person) to a multi-day backcountry trek ($400 per person per day)

Price includes transportation from Denver, CO (I can pick you up from DIA or anywhere in Denver area)

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Nick C.

I am a former filmmaker at Colorado Parks and Wildlife: and current ceo of Endure Survival Kits, LocaWild and Reel Escape Films: I love fly fishing in Colorado's backcountry. I enjoy sharing my experience with no non-sense outdoor survival, filmmaking, photography, fishing, wildlife watching, hunting and hiking in Colorado. Full profile Leave a Review