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Crime Scene Walk Thru NYC

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Ike I.
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Walk the streets of New York City with a real police detective and visit the actual locations of crime scenes from movies, television shows and real life during this two-and-a-half-hour tour. During the fascinating and informative walk, you'll discover the underworld that lies beneath the glamour and glitz of New York: the hangouts, the haunts and the hideaways of the Big Apple's most notorious criminals, both real and fictional. And you'll hear all the sordid details from a licensed P.I., who's worked with every level of law enforcement, from local to federal. The price of your ticket will also include a free copy of the tour guide's book: A Cop's Guide to Lower Manhattan.

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1 Review

Jen G.

Loved this tour! Took my 15 year old cousin and we walked all around Little Italy and China Town learning about notorious crimes, criminals, and spots. Also got to see the courthouses and police stations - new and old. Ike was VERY knowledgeable and easily adapted to our specific interests. You could tell each tour is personalized for the clients and not just a rehearsed speech. I highly recommend this tour is you're visiting or if you're a local.

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