Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Favela Comparison Experience

with Jason S.

Jason S.

Most people from outside of Brazil see the favelas as one area, which is completely dangerous and poor. In reality there are many different types of favelas, with different charms and social realities. Come with Jason and explore three unique and interesting favelas: Vidigal, Complexo do Alemão, and Rocinha. The experience begins in Vidigal, which holds the crown as the most stunningly beautiful community in Rio and has a small population of North Eastern migrants who put up informal housing on the imposing hill overlooking Leblon and Ipanema Beach. Next on the list is Rocinha, the largest slum in all of Latin America. Feel the pulsating energy of this bustling city within a city as you get to know the charismatic inhabitants. After this get ready for a completely different favela, Complexo do Alemão, as you take the gondola across this imposing landscape.

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The one arching similarity between all of these interesting favelas is the safety. All favelas in the Zona Sul are going through a pacification process, which for the most part has left these areas free of most petty crime and danger.

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