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Welcome to St Petersburg - The leading travel destination in Europe 2015!
You've got tons of beautiful places to see here on a list but oops.. you are limited in time of stay.. and you don't know how to get from point A to point B to catch two-three museums in one day. Long lines in the Hermitage, open bridges over the Neva river and no subway to get back to hotel. And that interesting memorial's description tag is in Russian only..
OK, contact me few days before you are here to work out itinerary most convenient for you. I'll pick you up at your hotel and we make your stay in St Petersburg pleasant and interesting. Visiting the Hermitage and Russian museum, StPeter and Paul's and Isaak's cathedrals, Peterhof and Ekaterininsky palaces - we've got lots to see here.
You welcome!

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Hi there! I live in St Petersburg since I was born. Thou pretty often I used to travel all over the world both on business and leasure. Over 45 countries and 5 continents. All right then! Usual problem for a tourist is to properly distribute his time of stay. If you are one day in a city or a week, time still is an issue. Where to go first, what can we do if the Hermitage museum is closed on Mondays and how to visit deepest subway station within rush hours? I always needed a local guide especially in a place with a non-native language. That's what I might be useful with here. I can suggest a proper itinerary based on your time availability, your interests and make your plans in StPete to come true. Have fun and welcome to St Petersburg, "The best travel destination in Europe 2015"! Full profile Leave a Review

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