Buenos Aires, Argentina

Know the Real Tango

with Soledad

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Every evening thousands of “porteños”, the friendly word identifying the originals of Buenos Aires, crowd the dance floor of the “tanguerías” or “milongas”. Let me open this world to you. My tour is a warm introduction to the real tango scene. We’ll visit several milongas, each one with their different style and crowd.
Tango people is a special bunch, all night owls in love with the tango, the music, the dance and the always friendly atmosphere. The tango nightlife is filled with codes of conduct: how and when asking a woman to dance, how to avoid a shaming rejection when a woman refuses the man’s offer to dance.
This genuine local adventure has no expensive costs, we will move through the night as locals do: Subway, buses, eventually taxis, and every time having fun.
I’m a keen tango dancer. My night life is filled with tango, the music, the dance, the culture of tango. I love the tango scene, the warmth of the people, the friends, and the camaraderie; that’s the reason why I’m the person to bring you a thorough and pleasant introductory experience.

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Hi! My name is Soledad. I’m a true porteña, with a family background filled with Jewish, Spanish, German and Italian heritage. I was born and raised in Buenos Aires. In my late twenties I ventured across the ocean and lived over a decade in London and Berlin, with a short early romance with Spain. While in Europe I worked several years as a guide and a guest representative. At the same time I had the chance to travel extensively and I learned that I had the best experiences when local friends shared their city with me. I loved walking along the stalls of the local craft markets, testing the local food inside the "off the track" little restaurants or discovering the cultural nuances of the peripheral neighborhoods. In April 2012 I returned to Buenos Aires for good. I fell in love again with the city, the culture, the mess, the noise, the vibrancy, the people, the tango. Oh yes…the tango! It is my wish to share this new found love for the city with you. I’d like to be your local friend, the person who shows you the hidden treasures of the city, its warmth, and the enchanting character of the porteños. I have designed a variety of tours covering the “must see” areas, focusing in the history and the architecture. But why not also venture “off the beaten path”? We can visit the smaller urban hobs together, getting to know the daily pulse of the city. I believe this can satisfy the appetite of the curious traveler within you. I’m, as well, a keen tango dancer. I can show you the real tango life, the crowds that make their moves every night on the dance floor. We are a special bunch, all night owls in love with tango, the music, the dance and the always friendly and open atmosphere. You can contact me to let me know your interests and I can tailor the tour for you. I’m confident you’ll feel too like a true porteño! Full profile Leave a Review

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