Madrid, Spain

Gastronomix: Private Tasting Tour

with Enrique G.

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Enrique G.
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This tour is meant to introduce you to Spain from gastronomical point of view the way locals know it. Following the footsteps of the old city, you will discover a different way to explore, taste and feel the diverse Spanish gastro-culture the city hosts.
Delight yourself into the many flavors and specialties offered by Madrid´s centenary bars, taverns and markets. Take this exciting stroll through your 5 senses, understanding the diversity of Spanish foods, the traditions behind, the facts, the who, the what, the where and why of such rich and sophisticated gastronomic legacy.
Experience the gastronomic scene of the city, get to go to the gathering places for madrileños, where they eat, drink, socialize and spend a good share of their free time. Discover the ways and customs that make Madrid so unique.
A real treat for your taste buds, as well as a good introduction to Madrid´s lay-out, history, street life and its many corners and neighborhoods, but most importantly its culinary delights and specialties.

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Enrique G.

Welcome to all, I am native from Madrid and since early age I was interested in the arts and history of my city and my country. As time went by I started specializing in the culture of my beloved Madrid where I have been guiding for almost 8 years now! I have special interest in nineteenth century history and Spanish art and I am a great fan of Francisco de Goya, one of the masters one can find in Madrid. As a professional and as the local who grew up in Madrid, I can vouch that neither as an art center no as a social hot spot Madrid would ever let you down. Here you will encounter genuine people and a life of smiles that goes well with tapas and wine. I welcome you all to join me on a walk of the city where we could get the feeling of those people, of the city, the arts and history. As a guide I really care to accommodate to the needs of visitors, I enjoy making your experience entertaining never leaving professionalism aside. My priority is to ensure that people get the most out of their tour and that they get to understand Madrid and end up loving it. What is Madrid for me? It is a way of life, is its streets, is happiness, Madrid is myself! What can you take home from Madrid? You will take from Madrid great memories, amazing flavors, you will get and unforgettable experience and in the end Madrid will take your heart! Full profile Leave a Review

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