Reviews for Istanbul Walking Tour

Carolyn M.

Mr. Izzet provided us with a very informative tour of the important sites to visit in Sultanahmet. His knowledge of the history and culture of the area is vast. We especially appreciated his sharing of information about Islamic practices and beliefs. He also provided fantastic restaurant recommendations. I would recommend this tour as a great introduction to Istanbul.

Erik V.

The tour was absolutely incredible. I can't put into words how impressive the tour was and how complete it was. It was a very intimate tour as it was our guide, two of my friends, and myself. While all the other tour companies throughout Istanbul were rolling in large numbers, we got an extremely unique tour through the eyes of a true Istanbulite. This tour alone was worth the trip to Turkey. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and knew everything and was extremely open to all questions that we had. Take this tour! Worth it so much!