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Karen W.
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What are you gonna do if you only have one day in Geneva?
Need a local to take you around the city without missing a single important site?
Wanna get access to all the huge international organisation's headquarters and UN but don't know how?
Please let me lead the way :)
Living in Switzerland for 5 years, I know Geneva as well as my hometown, places for brunches, fancy diners, great spots for shopping, the historical and cultural side of Geneva, you name it! There are only things that you haven't thought of....

Stop using your online manual tour guide books, you are missing the best sparkles of the town!

Also, with the background of travel management, I'll be more than happy to assist you with trip planning! Forget about hotels, who lives in a hotel in Geneva anyways? LOL Just get in contact, and I'll get you sorted out!

I'm most probably available during the weekends, but drop me a message nonetheless, I'm sure we will manage it!

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Karen W.

Wanna know how to integrate instantly into Switzerland as an expat? FOLLOW MEEEE -Mater in International Relations in Geneva (UN at your hand) -Bachelor in hotel management in Lausanne (they call us "Party Animal") -A foodie, a wine gru, a shopping expert! -Get you direct access to the international Geneva: movie theatre, ballet, opera, symphony, comedy... whatever your type of entertainment is :) Full profile Leave a Review