Montevideo, Uruguay

Vintage Bars From the City's Memory

with Rosita

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There are still lots of well preserved, quaint, vintage bars /restaurants/convenient stores within this city that date back to the late 1800's and early 1900's and that in many cases still carry the same name, preserve the decor, furniture and some of the items from those times long gone. Locals love them, and visitors hardly know about them! In some cases, these are run by fourth generations, who work to preserve what their great grandparents founded. These bars and convenient stores still serve the public! I will take you by car to a selection of them, to not only step back in time, but enjoy some very unusual "bar hopping" as we admire the interior of these treasures, their wooden coolers, marble counters, brass cash registers and so on. At some of them, we will sample the traditional drink and/or dish the place is famous for. It could be a delicious coffee or a mix of wines based on a recipe over 100 years old. An experience to step back in time for sure! These are not modern places decorated to appear like vintage ones; these are very old, traditional bars which have been preserved through the years and in some cases rescued from disappearing all together. A little treasure of a tour full of nostalgia for some.

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Hi there! I consider myself a people's person...always ensuring that others have a great time and experience a visit to my city/country hosted as if they were coming into my own house (which in a way, it is...). I have worked with tourists and travelers for over 18 years, and love personal detail, personal attention and taking care of you the way I'd like someone to take care of me if I were abroad. This city has lots to see, architecture, nature, beaches, green and luscious parks and gardens, vintage locations and lots to see if you are a lover of any of the above and more, so for certain, you'll have a warm, personable, caring, responsible, intelligent and trustworthy person to visit all this with. I am here to plan your tour, welcome you as if you had an acquaintance or friend in the city and take you around to experience what we've got planned. If you are in Montevideo on a cruise ship visit and have a reduced number of hours in the city, please contact me, I will always try to adapt any program to the time available. Looking forward to assisting you in making the most out of your visit!. Full profile Leave a Review

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