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Hidden Athens Walking Tour

with Eleni G.

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Eleni G.
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Meet us at Syntagma square, in front of the fountain, at 9.30 and start your walk around Athens, wandering through streets that enclose a rich history you will able to reconstruct the past into the present due to your interactive tour.
Be prepared to wide your knowledge and let your thought travel through the stories that lies beyond the present of this historic city.
You will see all the hot spots of Athens through hidden routes, and learn about past and present of Athens
The Hidden Athens walking tour is a journey following the steps of ancient Athenians alongside with the steps of philosophers, conquerors, rebellions and ordinary people, through the modern and ancient city’s routes.
This three hour walking tour experience will take you through hidden routes of Athens.
I will be more than happy to give you the insider tips you need, in order to continue your day.

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Eleni G.

After having worked in the Marketing Department of Microsoft subsidiary in Athens also had the position of Marketing Manager and PR in few companies. I was also publisher of a monthly basis edition about businnes and politics In the past years I have been volunteering in Public Relations of Icomos (International Council of Monuments and Sites), which has turned into a part-time job. I have also organised numerous events on a voluntary and professional basis - meetings, conferences, music events I studied European History and I have a MA in Business Administration After a series of life changing I decided to leave everything, follow my passion and start my own start up, Urban Athens Collective being fully committed to promote the cultural heritage of Athens and ofcourse the amazing contemporary and amazing life of the city. I am currently a member of ICOMOS (International Council of Monuments and Sites), a social entrepreneur and co-founder of a Non Profit orgasization that organizes de-tours in Athens, trying to create a social impact I am interesting in travelling, getting to know other cultures, showing travelers around Athens and Greece, meeting people, connecting people, organizing events and writing - photographing for social media communication My target is to work full-time in these areas - tourism and event management I am creative, communicative, organised, indepedent, easygoing and native Athenian with deeply love for my city. Full profile Leave a Review

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