Son Real, Spain

A Day at Son Real

with Albert

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Imagine a place where you could breathe, touch and see the very first moments of human history. Well, there is such a place. In Majorca's North-East coast there is an old estate called Son Real. Its magnificent country house complex is an almost untouched legacy from a time when life had an opposite rhythm to nowadays and it had also a very different meaning. But there are more secrets to find out in Son Real. If we dare to step a bit further, we will be able to stare at one of the most marvelous jewels of our heritage: a sacred ground for the dead, where a lineage of ancient warriors rest forever in tombs that withstand the pass of time.

Let me take you to Son Real and dive into the authentic Majorca!

We will visit Son Real visitor's center, a museum dedicated to Son Real's history, located inside the former estate's houses. Then we will be walking along Son Real's fields (always following the authorized paths) discovering how the old way of life was in this genuine Majorcan spot. Before we finish our tour, we will reach the coast, where we will be able to see one of our most beloved archaeological sites: a necropolis for warriors and aristocrats dated back from the Iron Age.

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Hey, my name is Albert! I am a Bachelor's Degree holder in History and I have been working as a Licensed Tourist Guide for more than two years. I do historical tours around Mallorca and, specially, in its capital: Palma. Since I was a kid my passion has always been History. I am very enthusiastic for Palma because I think my city holds one of the most important monumental sets in Europe: Palma's old town. That's why I'm trying really hard that what I actually love in life be seen by everybody as true profession, not only a hobby. I am proud to say I am getting it so far. History is my life and what I do best is bringing people back to the past through our wonderful heritage. If you ever thought history was a boring thing, I'll be glad to prove that you couldn't be more wrong. I encourage you to join me and you will realize how thrilling is knowing what happenned centuries ago on the very same streets we are walking by today. Full profile Leave a Review

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