Istanbul, Turkey

Cycling Tour (Equipment Provided)

with Zeynep Ç.

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Zeynep Ç.
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We have been cycling in Istanbul for quite a long time as we love it as a sport and we very much love our planet! However hard it may seem to be a cyclist in Istanbul, it is actually very enjoyable when you know the city well and it is a great way to discover secret places of the city. We have prepared two different routes (in European and Asian side) both of which start in a breakfast place and go on about different places for sightseeing and resting. We have our own bikes and a spare bike with the equipment (helmet, light, flasher, water bowl) and if there are more than two people, we will rent the bikes for you. So all you have to do is to get on your comfortable clothes and bring yourself and your good energy!

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Zeynep Ç.

Born and raised in Istanbul, we are a couple who likes to discover wonders of Istanbul every day. This account is controlled by me. My name is Zeynep -a very typical Turkish name- and I'm an English teacher and a senior of English Language and Literature. My boyfriend, Deniz, is a music teacher and he plays bağlama -you may think of it as traditional Turkish guitar- which he has been playing for over ten years. We have a wide range of interests and by that I mean, we are interested in almost anything and everything! Traveling is a passion for us and 24-day Italy trip with backpacks and a lot of camping was an amazing experience that we can't forget. Beside traveling, we love going on photography tours -Deniz and I actually met in a photography course- and it is something we utterly enjoy. However hard it may seem to be a cyclist in Istanbul, it actually is not when you know the city well. That is why we especially like to take our guests for cycling trips as we have a spare bicycle and equipment already. Hope to see you around! Enjoy Istanbul. Full profile Leave a Review

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