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So you’ve got your English pounds, you’ve packed your umbrella and you’ve even brushed up on your cockney rhyming slang so that you can hold your own chatting to the locals in the rub-a-dub (pub).

Now all you need to work out is which pub to go to. And you’ll probably feel peckish after the pub so you’ll need to find somewhere to eat. And you want to fit in some ‘culture’ at some point. Apparently there’s a good exhibition on at the Tate… But what else?

You could get some guidebooks. Read some of those blogs you’ve bookmarked. But things change so quickly in London. New things open every day and how do you know that you haven’t missed any of the best bits?

Well, that’s where we come in. ‘London Laureate’ is the collective guise that we’ve set up together but we are otherwise know as Charles and Ella. Born and Bred in London, together we have spent the last ten years working in the entertainment and fashion industries, with offices based from High Street Kensington to Shoreditch. Hopefully this doesn't sound arrogant, but based on that, we feel like we know this City! Like, really know it!

We love travelling but we’ll do anything to avoid: 1) those rushed hours spent pouring over countless guidebooks trying to plan each moment of a trip efficiently and 2) when the person sat next to you on the trip home tells you about a great restaurant they went to you that you missed.

We can help you avoid these scenarios. We will devise you an itinerary based on your individual interests, requirements and location and personally meet you to show you around some of its highlights. We can even recommend places to stay and suggest the best apps to download in advance of navigating the Tube and working out your pounds from your euros. We will also offer London-insider tips on how to keep your visit budget-friendly.

To quote William Butler Yeats “There are no strangers here; only friends you haven't yet met.” So think of us as your friends in London and get in touch.

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London L.

We are Charles and Ella aka London Laureate. As born and bred Londoners with almost 20 years combined experience working in the music, fashion, retail, e-commerce and television industries, in offices that have spanned High Street Kensington to Hoxton, we like to think that we know this fair city of ours pretty well. To see what we've been up to recently, find us on Instagram by searching @londonlaureate and get in touch with us via our Vayable profile for our London insider tips, tailored to your personal interests. Full profile

1 Review

Sally S.

If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, niche, specific to your interests don't hesitate. These two listen and deliver. So much better than any app or guidebook London Laureate cleverly provided something for everyone ( our ages range from 14 to 65, our nationalities British and Chinese, our interests wide ranging). Great communication,so efficient (we booked last minute) it was a real pleasure to spend time and share their wide ranging knowledge of those niche, independent places you don't find in guide books. From Yolkin to Bao to Primeur who knew food could be so good in the UK? They do! Translated from Mandarin my Chinese friends say 'we really appreciate your advice...thank you so much for such detailed information....we discover lovely areas we don't know before... looking forward to seeing you next time'. Our morning was tailored just for us with personal follow up via text. London Laureate made me proud to be British.

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