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Dylan D.

This special tour is created for all biking ability levels-- even beginners! On this awesome, laid-back tour, We'll fill you in on the rich history and culture of San Francisco. We'll take you to several easy-to-bike-to San Francisco landmarks: Fisherman's Wharf & the waterfront, through National Parks and a few charming SF neighborhoods. And the tour highlight: the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge. The guided portion of the tour ends here, but your excursion doesn't have to!

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Dylan D.

Dylan is a native San Franciscan with a passion for travel. After spending many years travelling abroad, he settled back in his hometown of San Francisco and decided to incorporate his love of travel into a San Francisco sightseeing business. For the last seven years, Dylan has been successfully running a sightseeing tour business in San Francisco and sharing his love of his City with thousands of travelers, from all over the world! Dylan and his wife, both born and raised in San Francisco, currently live in San Francisco and share a love for their great city. Although his first love is traveling the world, he also has a passion for sports of all kinds. Whether it's coaching, playing or just talking sports, Dylan is happy to do all! Full profile

2 Reviews


Dylan was very personable and friendly and made everyone feel comfortable. He gave us an insider's view of the highlights of the city and surrounding areas, as well as interesting history, cultural insights, and restaurant and shopping recommendations. He obviously loves his native city and truly enjoys sharing it with others! It was one of the few tours to cover downtown San Francisco and nearby areas as well. I really felt that I had a great overview for my first time visit!

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