Soligalich, Russia

Back to USSR in Russian Outback

with Mikhail K.

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Mikhail K.
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Moscow, Kremlin, Saint-Petersburg, Baikal... Did you hear something about other russian sightseeings?

In the travel to russian outback you will not see cheap popular palaces and churches, but hidden pearls of russian architecture, nature and life will excite and amaze us.

Firstly, we will ride a train on the part of Transsiberian railway. Just several hudred kilometres, but that is it.
Then we will walk and discover three historical towns: Galich, Chukhloma and Soligalich. They keep the lifestyle of soviet era or even from 19 century, when most of buildings was constructed there. Great glacier lakes, picturesque views from hills, historical churches and russian cousine!

Next, the marvellous trip to the restored wooden palace in deep forest would wait us. This exciting house was built for rich merchants in the edge of 19/20 centuries.

Finally, on the second day we will ride fantastic railway draisine through taiga forests, where railroad is the only transport for several villages. This is a great open-space museum of soviet timber industry. You will be excited by the kilometres of wilderness and the spirit of Stalker.

The price include living costs, excursions, catering and all expenses including rail tickets from/to Moscow. Feel free to get any help regarding buying them.

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Mikhail K.

Hi, my name is Mikhail and i live in Moscow. I finished Moscow State University in the field of geography and this is why i love to travel, expecially to exotic russian outback. Also i am interested in heritage railways and i launched crowdfunding project "Russian heritage railways". Two years ago i've decided to share my travel expiriences and communication skills with other people, who hasn't seen far russian villages in provinces before. Old wooden churches, heartwarming railways, cows, small historical towns - all these expierences are waiting for you. Join us! Full profile Leave a Review