Lisboa, Portugal

Lisbon Drinking Tours

with Carlos L.

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Carlos L.
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Enjoy the Real City - Off the Beaten Path

• We will tour the Eastern Hills and visit great lookouts, check hidden patios, cross narrow alleys, sneak into old industrial villas, mingle along local commerce and, of course, ride many different Taverns, Bars and Terraces

• We are going to explore Lisbon thorough easy going downhill paths , not far from downtown but far enough to feel the genuine local atmospheres, the spots where mostly only Portuguese go at their daily life or for the best national flavours

• On each stop there will be a totally different type and brand of free drink, along with some casual icebreaking exercises lead by Carlos Loff, so we all get confy and acquainted before the next taste

The tour price already includes 6 free drinks at 6 different spots
>>> Glasses sizes vary in accordance to drinks
• 1 glass of Ginja (red sweet liquor)
• 1 Glass of Bagaço (white hard liquor)
• 1 glass of fine white wine
• 1 glass or fine red wine
• 1 Glass of Port Wine (sweet red)
• 1 glass of Sagres or Superbock (white beer)

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Carlos L.

Im a Geographer and Photography teacher with 20 years experience on organising tours with activities for people in Lisbon, 10 years for Lisbon Municipality (environmental awareness) and 10 years as a freelancer (Photography Workshops) I love this city because it mixes the old and new, making it possible to find any kind of place and atmosphere we like to experience I'm used to scouting and choosing the best spots, many of the beaten track, so that tour participants connect with the real city and the real people My past experience has led me to enjoy being with people from different cultures and arranging for them to communicate and exchange experiences and opinions, so I aim to do exactly what I like and not what just what I need to perform satisfying tours and have satisfied participants Full profile Leave a Review

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