Palma, Spain

Monsters and Creatures of Palma

with Albert

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We usually walk by Palma at a brisk pace and looking downwards. We are always so hurried that we forget we are surrounded by eyes that observe us from above. Small beings that inhabit the buildings’ stones of the city watch us day and night. But we ignore them, always more pending of a smartphone than of an unseen fantastic world among the walls of the old town.

I invite you to go inside this universe of mythological animals, demons, monsters, gargoyles, dragons and creatures of unimaginable forms. We will visit Palma in a very different way than the usual. We will not focus on the most emblematic monuments and buildings of the city, but on their extravagant tenants that, always with a curious look, watch over us from his elevated houses.

Old aristocrats’ manors, churches, squares, fountains, institutions’ façades, statues… any of them is a good place to find monsters and creatures in Palma. And all of them are excellent reasons to stop looking at the ground and to look always upwards to discover new secrets from our beautiful city.

Join me and check it out yourself!

We will stroll through both sides of Palma (the upper side and the lower side of town) going beneath some of the main buildings and monuments in the city, like the Town Hall, the Born’s Promenade, the Balearic Parliament, the Insular Council, the parish church of Santa Eulàlia, the Almudaina’s Palace, the church of Sant Francesc and, of course, the Cathedral of Mallorca. In every stop we make we will try to find monsters and creatures tangled among the buildings’ architectural details. This is, without any sort of a doubt, the best way to discover our ancient city, since you will be keeping your eyes all around and having fun at the same time. As a matter of fact, this tour is a nonstop game!

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Hey, my name is Albert! I am a Bachelor's Degree holder in History and I have been working as a Licensed Tourist Guide for more than two years. I do historical tours around Mallorca and, specially, in its capital: Palma. Since I was a kid my passion has always been History. I am very enthusiastic for Palma because I think my city holds one of the most important monumental sets in Europe: Palma's old town. That's why I'm trying really hard that what I actually love in life be seen by everybody as true profession, not only a hobby. I am proud to say I am getting it so far. History is my life and what I do best is bringing people back to the past through our wonderful heritage. If you ever thought history was a boring thing, I'll be glad to prove that you couldn't be more wrong. I encourage you to join me and you will realize how thrilling is knowing what happenned centuries ago on the very same streets we are walking by today. Full profile Leave a Review

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