Selva, Spain

Selva. Five Villages, One People

with Albert

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We usually underestimate what makes part of our daily life. We do even if we live in an astonishing corner of the world, full of history and tradition. There is a place in Mallorca, near the Tramuntana Mountains, that matches perfectly this idea. Such place has been crucial in our island’s history: it was the hall to the most important pilgrimage center in Mallorca; it has provided coal, ice, wood and olive oil for many villages (the city of Palma included) for centuries; its inhabitants have protected Mallorca’s northwest rocky coast from pirate attacks for 400 years; its people got through the terrible scourge of banditry for almost 200 years; nowadays, this spot is a redoubt of peace and calmness that holds five beautiful villages with their own heritage and history. We are talking, of course, about the municipality of Selva.

Join me on a full day trip to Selva and discover every one of its towns!

We will start the day by visiting Caimari. Caimari is famous all around Mallorca for the production of an excellent olive oil. You will have the chance of tasting this local exquisiteness. Right after we will make it to Binibona, the smallest of the urban nucleus in Selva. Then we will go to Moscari through a secondary road that will allow us to see a spectacular green agrarian landscape with its respective country estates. Next, we will move to Selva’s main village, where we will have our lunch in a local restaurant. Once we have eaten we will visit Selva’s parish church as well as the most remarkable spots in town. Before the trip comes to an end, we will visit the last of the five villages: Biniamar, a lovely little town with an unfinished huge parish church and an important mining past. To finish our itinerary we will make a last stop: the Christ The King’s chapel, the ruins of a former church that lie atop of a hill from where you will have the most splendid views in all the municipality.

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Hey, my name is Albert! I am a Bachelor's Degree holder in History and I have been working as a Licensed Tourist Guide for more than two years. I do historical tours around Mallorca and, specially, in its capital: Palma. Since I was a kid my passion has always been History. I am very enthusiastic for Palma because I think my city holds one of the most important monumental sets in Europe: Palma's old town. That's why I'm trying really hard that what I actually love in life be seen by everybody as true profession, not only a hobby. I am proud to say I am getting it so far. History is my life and what I do best is bringing people back to the past through our wonderful heritage. If you ever thought history was a boring thing, I'll be glad to prove that you couldn't be more wrong. I encourage you to join me and you will realize how thrilling is knowing what happenned centuries ago on the very same streets we are walking by today. Full profile Leave a Review

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