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Brief Encounter With the City of Exeter

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"Semper Fidelis" - "Always Faithful" : motto of Exeter, there is some contention as to which monarch actually bestowed these noble words upon the City although there is no doubt it has endured since ancient times and has provided the setting for many pivotal moments in British history.
Situated in a verdant river valley surrounded by a number of advantageous geographical features the origin of the city as ancient settlement and centre for international being traced as far back as 250 BC.
First coming to prominence as an "Oppidum : a town of importance" during the Roman era, sections of the defensive wall built during this time remain largely intact and are visible in several locations around the city.
Steeped in history but very much with an eye on the future, Exeter plays host to one of the UK's foremost Universities, internationally renowned, its main campus is found in the north of the city in beautiful grounds which include beautiful botanical gardens.
In the very heart of the city is the Cathedral founded in 1050 AD, acknowledged as one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture found anywhere in the world, it's dreaming spires are visible from all four corners of the city.
Exeter also offers the most modern of shopping centres, as well as a thriving hub of independent outlets, a stylish quay-side development area and all within a stones throw of the wild beauty of Dartmoor and breathtaking rugged coastlines of Devon.

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Although I've travelled extensively and spent two years living abroad (Gdansk, Poland, 2007-2009) Exeter has been my home town since 1993 when I moved down from the South East to study for my economics degree at Exeter University. I'd describe myself as an "enthusiastic amateur" rather than local “expert”, although I've always been keen to learn more about the origins of the town I've lived in for over 20 years and I am well informed on the historic roots of Exeter. I'd say I do have a rather unique regard for Exeter; in that I've seen the city around me change rapidly in recent years as my own perspective has also shifted from that of a naive young "grockle" through to bona-fide "local" (older & wiser - well, maybe ;-)) Full profile Leave a Review