Warsaw, Poland

Surreal Blocks of Flats

with Nat K.

Nat K.

When coming to the capital of Poland you will probably want to see the Old Town, some monuments, maybe museums...

But what if the soul of Warsaw is hidden somewhere else? Some say that old Communist urban architecture is ugly. I think it's the opposite. Monumental and surreal blocks of flats are the true pearls of this city, and the stories of the people are packed within the blocks. If you really want to explore Warsaw, the city that has seen more dramatic events than any other in the region, you should FEEL it - both its beauty and its fantastic, almost psychadelic ugliness.

I will take you for a memorable tour around Warsaw and show you the most mystical, bizzare and beautiful blocks of flats. I will be your guide through the world of urban prehistory.

guide, route preparation (according to your prefernces & availability), urban transport tickets, optional: lunch in a traditional Polish "milky bar" or some gadget (cup/t-shirt)

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