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Milan R.

We'll start off the day with a panoramic and/or adrenalin-packed day flying and downhill mountain biking depending on what your preference for thrill level is. We'll then go to a great place for lunch and then explore one of Europe's biggest classical wine cellars, Guinness Book-certified oldest vine in the world and a medieval town (2012 European Capital of Culture). Still not enough? Add to this 100+ wineries & tourist farms, canoeing, cable car, virgin forest and fabulous, fabulous food.

Brief itinerary (1 day): flying in the morning, mountain biking afterwards with a lunch/dinner, visit to the wine cellar and one of the wineries.

Welcome drinks, tour guide, car transfer throughout the day and arrangements with local flying and mountain biking clubs (you pay the cost of panoramic flight, mountain bike rentals and meals)

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