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One of Sardinia's most beautiful medieval cities, Alghero is the main resort in the northwest of the island.
Although largely given over to tourism (its population can almost quadruple in July and August), the town hasn't given up its unique character and it retains a proud and independent spirit.
Alghero’s animated historic centre is a terrific place to hang out, and with so many excellent restaurants and bars, it makes an ideal base for exploring the beaches and beauty spots of the nearby Riviera del Corallo.
One of the main attractions is the picturesque centro storico, one of the best preserved historical centres in Sardinia. Enclosed by robust, honey-coloured seawalls, this is a tightly knit enclave of shady cobbled lanes, Gothic palazzi and cafe-lined piazzas.
Below, yachts crowd the marina and long, sandy beaches curve away to the north.
Permeating everything is a palpable Spanish atmosphere, a hangover of the city’s past as a Catalan colony. Even today, more than three centuries after the Iberians left, a form of medieval Catalan is still spoken, and street signs and menus are often written in both Catalan and Italian.

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My name is Matteo, I live in Olbia, in the north east part of the island of Sardinia, and I have lived all my life in this island, except for some years in London and some months travelling abroad. I work here at the local airport of Olbia but I am also very fond of archeology, particularly that of the bronze age, very important for our island, because this is the period of the Nuraghi people, a civilization that has dominated in the west mediterranean for almost a thousand years. In Sardinia we have more than 8000 of these impressive monuments, so that Sardinia is the region with more prehistoric monuments that any other in Europe and in the whole mediterranean area, except maybe Egypt. The town where I live is close to the Arzachena monuments and also to the famous luxury tourist resort of Porto Cervo, Costa Smeralda and Porto Rotondo. If you are interested in these monuments, please contact me, and I will show you some of these incredible and spectacular archeological sites. Full profile Leave a Review