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Akshay A.
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Welcome to the 4th largest city in the USA. Filled with world-class dining, museums, shopping and nightlife - Houston has it all. Having lived here for 22+ years, I love Houston.

I can help you customize your trip based on your needs, preferences, or time. From walking tours to driving tours, anything is possible. Example Itinerary - Downtown, Medical Center, Museums, Parks, Space Center, Architecture, Chinatown etc.

Feel free to contact me with questions.

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Akshay A.

I have been living & working in Houston for 22+ years and I love Houston. I am also a big car enthusiast and a FOODIE. As such, I love to drive and I know the best places to eat LOCAL food from family owned restaurants. I would be happy to customize a tour based on your needs and preferences. So whether you want a driving tour, or you want to explore the museums, or simply eat awesome food - please contact me. Full profile Leave a Review