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So you made your plan to visit the holyland. Congrat! Whether you are religious or just self-aware you know there's something about this place that's not like any other in the world. You are right. As a well-travelled person, who was born and raised in Jerusalem, I know that the famous "Jerusalem syndrome" is true! Every place in the world, every city, have their backstage energy patterns that are comprised of its inhabitants and its history. Mostly these remain unconscious to the temporary traveler's attention. I will guide you to yourself through the cobblestone streets of Jerusalem, the fast paced life of Tel-Aviv or the trnaquility of the northern and southern parts of this amazing country. Basically, life is about love and freedom and you will find out what makes Israel the current focal point of the world and why.

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Born and raised In Jerusalem, Israel. Ms.A, LL.B, an entrepreneur. Lived and visited places around the world. I have a personal blog about personal empowerment ( and I truly enjoy exploring the places I visit. Full profile Leave a Review

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