Reykjavik, Iceland

Coffee on the Arctic Circle

with Samuel K.

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Samuel K.

Coffee is an institution in Iceland. With about 9 kilos of beans per year, this tiny island in the north atlantic drinks more coffee per capita than France and the UK combined. But why?

I'll take you on a tour around the small coffees of Reykjavik where we will taste and see the art of Scandinavian coffee brewing. Competition is harsh and there is lots of very high quality venues to discover, the only question is, how many cups can you take?

Coffees (lots of it)
Visit of a micro-roastinghouse

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Samuel K.

I'm a Swiss expat' living in Iceland and exploring its possibilities. When i'm not busy guiding or advocating vacation in Iceland, I hang out in Reykjavik enjoying the musical scene. And yeah, I have met Björk and the guys of Sigur Rós. I also write advices for travelers on Full profile

15 Reviews

Matthew L.

My time in Iceland would have been so much less enjoyable if I hadn't booked Sam's coffee tour. He's an excellent guide - funny, generous, intelligent, and an unapologetic history nerd who knows a huge amount about Iceland's culture, society and history. The coffee was fantastic, of course - we drank lattes, espressos and filter coffees until we were shaking with caffeine. But the tour was just the start, and this is why Sam is such a credit to Vayable. I drank beer, ate food, bathed in thermal pools, explored art galleries and toured southern Iceland with Sam, his girlfriend, or people I met through them. Great guy, great tour.

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