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Street Art Tour With Local Urban Artist

with Javier G.

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Javier G.
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Our objective is getting to know the XXI century trendsetting art of the city. How would we do that? By taking a journey in time from the XV century to the beginning of the graffiti movement, that is present nowadays in our changing society.

The Barley’s field, aka Campo de Cebada, is placed right next to the market with the same name in La Latina square. The importance of this point is closely related to the 15M movement, by which people felt the necessity of taking over the streets and public open areas: summer cinema, listen to music at the different events that have been organized all year long, or simply plant their own vegetables in the garden that was created in 2010.

After a quick stop to take pictures and record your visit to El Campo de Cebada, we will continue walking over Embajadores street. On the way to La Tabacalera, you will be able to observe murals and walls decorated by several artists, in which is highlighted an incredible painting of more than 40 square feet socially related to women’s rights.

La Tabacalera is a warehouse in which more than 1,000 women worked on the shredding, chopping, and rolling tobacco labors in the XIX century. It is a self managed public space in which people can attend painting, singing or dancing workshops any day of the week, but also discover the underground basement covered with hundreds of graffiti and stencils.

La Neomudéjar, located behind Atocha Railway station, is the last stop of this visit. It once hosted the former Mediodía metro station, and is home of the avant-garde centre of Madrid. There are different artists on rotation and countless photographs and picture exhibitions. Participants of this tour will visit the most valuable part of La Neomudéjar, the fuel generator kept intact since 1800s which powered Atocha station for centuries.

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Javier G.

Travelling the world since 2006, this Spanish start-up owner, Morocco lover and English teacher will show you the Street Art present in Madrid through the history and biography of graffitis, murals, photography, and monuments created by local artists. Discover Madrid in a different way with a local, and experience how the urban scene is present in the capital of Spain. My philosophy is not just trying to sell a product, if not making friends through common interests. Let´s start? Full profile

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Ryan P.

Lots of fun; Javier is knowledgeable and passionate about street art, and there's lots of really great stuff in Madrid.

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