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So, coming to London, are you? First visit to London ? Or a another trip to Piccadilly Circus? See the amazing beauty of London inside and outside like never before

Unseen photographic skyline of London to historic Parks, explore all of London with friendly local guy. We will walk, take the tube, visit the best cafes, restaurants and bars, visit markets that you would never have the opportunity to explore if you didn't know a local.

Dont just tour London, experience how it is being a Londoner. From photography to Shopping or history to food, have a custom made experience from a Londoner.

Price is mere 77$ per person and for group of 10 or more its negotiable. Price exclusive of all the travelling and ticketing expenses.

Only available if pre-booked at least 2 weeks before. Price may vary if required on short notice.

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Mohit ʞ.

I am a twenty-something thirty year-old native Indian that has learned to call London home, after six years of living in the Royal English Capital. I am one of those restless types; the more I do, the more I need to do and see. I started this blog as a way to document my travels and the things that inspire me. As a Gemini that can’t sit still, I am a spontaneous avid traveler, always hunting for whimsy. While studying Computer Science in college, I got my start working at some of the Restaurants and Bars. I also got my hands dirty Managing a Sushi restaurant in busy London West-end. I was born to travel. So carrying on my Job as Restaurant Manager, I try to escape work every two months and explore the unknown. Full profile Leave a Review

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