Monterrey, Mexico

Magic and Vitamin T

with Joaquin

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Have you ever wondered why Mexican people are so healthy and kind hearted? well, It's the vitamin T and a bit of magic in our towns.

Magic is the kind you can see and feel in our towns, Magical-Towns that is. Vitamin T is the kind you can find in Mexican cuisine, and Monterrey has a very delicious and healthy spread of Vitamin T full dishes where the Hot Sauce is optional but great flavor is not. Come and join us in this experience where you will see and eat what we mean ;-)

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As a result of the mysterious paths of life, I've settled in Monterrey after living in several cities of Mexico and US since my childhood up to my professional life. I speak fluent English and Spanish result of studying in both countries. Got married in Mexico and been living mostly in this country since, now with 2 lovely and very active children. Love science, love art and its different expressions, amateur chef (been cooking since 7) so love food and appreciate the process, love wine and tequila and chocolate as many other things ;-). A seasoned IT professional currently working in a Global Presence Company, but have also worked a good number of years as an independent services professional. Full profile Leave a Review