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If you want to discover the history and architecture of Paris in a sweet way this tour if for YOU! There are hundreds of artisan chocolate shops found in Paris. I know the best local addresses. Besides, I know also how important role played chocolate in the history of Paris; We will start our sweet walk on the Right Bank, in the historic First Arrondissement.We will walk around the Louvre, Place de la Concorde and talk about the history of Paris, including the delicious history of French chocolate. We will stop in Angelina - a temple of true hot chocolate in Paris. Established in 1903 by the Austrian confectioner Antoine Rumpelmayer. Coco Chanel was a permanent guest here! You will be too!

Then we will move to le Marais - one of the city’s hottest shopping districts, filled with individual boutiques, retro stores and pop-up shops. You will take part in chocolate workshop in Edwart Chocolatier (17 Rue Vieille du Temple ) It's a luxury, modern chocolatier in Paris.You will have a lot of fun, not only making chocolate but also chatting to the Edwart team.They are so friendly and they give chocolate to everybody !

They have also workshops just for kids.Then we will stroll through one of the most famous parts of the city - Saint-Germaine-des-Prés with legendary cafés, bookstores and unique storefronts.
The famous musicians, poets and artists called this area home throughout the decades. At the statue of Danton I will explain to you what meaning had hot chocolate in the French Revolution. Obliged with a mug of hot chocolate from Dimanche a Paris in hand; Then I will show you Debauve & Gallais, the first Paris chocolate shop !.Opened in 1818 is still found at the same location ! You'll see the first Parisian store of Pierre Hermé to, a French pastry king most famous for his macarons. And the end we will have a chocolate break in the Café Les Deux Magots, the most famous left bank café frequented by Hemmingway, Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.

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Joanna is a professional journalist and writer in addition to being a tour guide. She wrote about culture, music, cinema, theater and art for the Polish daily Polska The Times. One day she decided take a holiday from journalism in order to learn a new culture, get new experiences and new material for her documentaries. Her direction was the south of France. She spent a few months in Mougins, a fairy-tale town near Nice (It's where Pablo Picasso spent the last 12 years of his life.) She totally fell in love in the French countryside, lifestyle, food and scents.She wanted to learn more. She moved to Paris.Immediately she felt in love with the city. She participated in the history of art, culinary and perfumery courses here. She discovered most secret nooks and crannies of Paris. She wanted to share the mysterious spots in the historic heart of Paris. SO... she became a professional tour guide. She worked for the famous Bateau Mouches (the Paris Seine River tour boat company). Now she is available to be your tour guide and holiday planner. She has shown Paris to people from all over the world - and she loves to do it! She shows Paris originally, intelligently and with humor. JOANNA all the time explores the lesser-known parts of the City of Light. Thanks to this her notebook is full of Parisian addresses which you will never find in the tourist guides. She knows where to find the best french hot chocolate and where to meet friendly local's. She even knows the location of Serge Gainsbourg's cool looking house. She knows the secret shopping places (Monday is the best day) and great restaurants. For sure you will enjoy this when you see Paris with her. (btw - Ask her about the time she drove the big boat in the Seine River.) She speaks five languages, which is why the boat tour company wants her back. But she definitely prefers to give you a personalized tour around her favorite city. Full profile Leave a Review

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