Marrakesh, Morocco

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El H.
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Marrakesh Is The Magical famous red city, I was born here, am 25 years but I still love and enjoy every single tour I take, either alone (at night) ;) or with some friendly travelers showing them around, having conversations, exchanging ideas and cultures, having a sunset coup of tea or coffee ... For me it's mostly letting you live the local live just like Moroccans, touch the magic we still have here, feel the difference, have lunch or dinner with locals in their houses, and the first hose is mine ;) .... Because if am visiting a foreign city, I would love to have a such opportunity.

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El H.

generally, I don't like to talk about myself, cause I like to know about others, it was the first thing to know about me ;) I love to meet new people, show them the real magic in my country, help them have a real discover and try the real local life, especially clean traditional food, and not what 95 % of tourist eat in touristic places where they serve sh***y food, unfortunately. and yes in my country sadly people profit from tourist a bad way, and I was hating that because our religion neither our traditions tolerate that... and since I was a child I was remarking that ..... Oh, I didn't say hello !!! Hello am an open minded person, young man (25 year), am a therapist basically, with natural medicine ( acupuncture, cupping therapy .....), am building my career as entrepreneur, am addicted to personal and professional development, and I believe that there's nothing able to teach me that like meeting people from different countries, with different mentalities ideas experiences and convictions.... so please feel free to teach me what you know about life :) and maybe I'll make your trip for free :D lol as I do when I don't need money and I enjoy to help people friendly or with a symbolic price :) because I feel more freedom.... I feel like I've written too much :p Full profile Leave a Review

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