Amsterdam, Netherlands

North Sea Beachclub Hopping Tour

with William J.

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William J.
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Visit several hot and happening beach clubs in one of the famous North Sea beach areas. Your private host tells you were the magic happens.

Depending the weather, traffic and events the tour destination is one of the 4 beach areas Zandvoort, Bloemendaal, Noordwijk or Scheveningen. Every trip we advise you wich area is the best to go on the day of your trip. But no worry!

Fun and a great time is always guarantied. All of these 4 famous Dutch beach areas have populair Beachclubs and boulevards. Every destination is an adventure. Witch beach area you like to go?

We offer trips in the afternoon and evening. Booth daytimes are very attractive to go.

On the spot you can decide to eat, drink, walk, shop, lounge or just enjoy the sun if it's there. (drinks & food you use on the spot for your own costs)

If you like to hop from beach club to beach club, individual or with your host. Feel yourself free to go or join your private guide.

If sunny weather, just take a sun on the beach and stay on your favorite beach club? It's possible. Also take a look in local shops is an opportunity to do. All up to you!

Depending the area you go it takes 30 till 50 minutes to reach the beach. So 2 till max 3 hours you spend on the beach.

Afternoon or at night? Sunny, cloudy or even rainy weather? It's always a pleasure to visit the North Sea beach and cosy shopping areas.

Afternoon or evening dine at the beach is a recommend. At sunny days and friday's, saturday's and sunday, mostly DJ's and events on the beach (we can't give guarantee for that you understand)

Some clubs program famous DJ's or live music. Most of these events ar free of entrance. Some off them you have to buy tickets. (own costs if you like to visit. Not necessary cause always nice spots free to go)

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William J.

My friends call me joking: "the instant local friend" I say: "Nice te be!" As a professional DJ and showmaster it's my second nature to give people a great time. I'm 25 with 25 five years of experience in making fun in live. For over 25 years I 'll be on the most fun places and events throughout the country. I noticed that tourists never come on a lot of these places. That brought me in early 2016 with the idea to do something with it. Since then I combine my work as a performer in organizing unique local experiences for tourists. I organize trips and experiences in and around my hometown Amsterdam but also to other places in the Netherlands. As an interactive person I also do this to meet great new people and have a good time. Full profile Leave a Review

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