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Leo W.
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Visiting Taipei City, Taiwan? You can't miss trying the best Taiwanese dishes. How can you try the best dishes in a one day visit? I can help you out! I love eating and I also a Foodie of Taiwan.
Many of my friends came to Taiwan surprised for the breakfast culture here. American brunch, Traditional Taiwanese Soy milk / biscuits, fresh beef soup, braised pork over rice and eggs, anything you can think of!
Keelung market is my favorite one, just let me Introduction you all the dishes and their history.

What does the deal includes?
1. The Food (It will be a lot of fun) 3-4 different Taiwanese dishes. It includes some aboriginal dishes as well.
2. Walk through the Keelung local street.
3. Introduction to all the dishes and their history.
4. My awesome and fun guide to the places around.
5. Learn the basic of ordering food in Chinese!
6. Discover Chinese 12 Zodiac on the 12-Bridge

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It's Leo, singer like professional, movieholic, a foodie of taipei city. Love to share. 我是Leo,一個愛唱歌愛旅行愛看電影的吃貨,台北好吃好玩問我就對了,樂愛與人分享,無論是旅行或生活。 "You can only live once but if you do it right, once is enough." Full profile Leave a Review

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