Reviews for Riding Along the Beach

David J.

I booked this as a morning surprise for my wife on her birthday. She was absolutely thrilled. The ride down to the beach offers a spectacular view and the beach itself is beautiful and peaceful. Samir was a very warm and friendly guide. The only negative is that the horses at the Daly City stable are a bit run down. But if you don't mind going slow, it's perfectly fine.

June L.

We rode down a hill covered in trees and flowers -- I've never seen so much green so close to the city! The trail led to the beach, and we rode along the water before making our way back to the ranch. Sameer is the ultimate local guide: Really laid-back and friendly. Easy to talk to, and shared little-known facts for just about everything we drove by that day -- and not in the cheesy way. His knowledge wasn't limited to this particular experience, and gave us plenty of tips for hole-in-the wall foodie spots in the Mission, where we live!

Shannon L.

This was such an amazing way to see the Pacific Ocean. To get to the beach, we rode down red and black hills through a valley filled with wildflowers that reached our knees. We could see miles of breaking waves. We could even see the Golden Gate Bridge. Samir was a fun guide. He's got anecdotes and trivia about everything you see and has connections with many of the pillars of the Mission food community. The horses were happy and friendly. It was great to get away from the crowds and see a different side of the city. I'd love to go again.