Gothenburg, Sweden

Local Swedish Meatballs

with Sofia

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Gothenburg used to be one of the biggest ports in Europe. The emigrants sailed to America and perhaps this hustle and survival context made the Gotheburgians into such nice and open people?

After your breakfast around 10.00 we will meet up and you can choose from:
1. The Botanical Garden (Europe's largest with 16,000 species)
2. Maritima museum (the world's biggest museum on water with 19 ships).
3. The Gothenburg Art museum (collections from the 1400's mostly with a Nordic profile, but also Dutch and French art).
4. The Gothenburg City museum (The city's forgotten history.)
5. The Paddan boat (the Toad) that will take us around Gothenburg's cob stoned trenches/canals to get you a view and some history of the once fortified city.

From here we go to Karlsson's garage and restaurant and we will enjoy Swedish regular food in luxury package; Swedish meat balls of course!

After this you will choose between:
1. A beer in a local pub on the hipster street 2:a långgatan connected to a lot of Gothenburg's local breweries (2:nd longstreet) where Sweden's only strip club is situated (due to the sailor history) along with vintage shopping, japanese candy and sex shops.
2. A coffe or tea in Haga, the old streets of Göteborg where you can buy a cinnamon roll bigger than your face. In Swedish, this activity is called "fika" and is the only real social activity more sacred than going to church.

Everything is included: The museum fee, the lunch at Karlsson's and a beer or a fika in the afternoon. You only pay for drinks at Karlsson's to your meal or additional drinks in the afternoon.
I hope you enjoyed!

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