Lyon, France

Storytelling Tour of Lyon's Old Town

with Clémence

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Style: Artsy, Classic, Offbeat

Young Anne was the only child of a manuscript illuminator in Renaissance Lyon. Her father, old and withering, had less and less work as the illumination of texts was becoming obsolete due to the recent and incredible invention of the printing press.

One day, our young heroine Anne, finds herself swept up in a dangerous adventure, caught in the middle of a grand settling of scores between Lyon’s most powerful figures. In order to escape, she must use her strongest talent, one that she had hidden from her father: her gift for drawing.

With the help of Lyon’s greatest humanists, her mission was to illustrate a secret book of poems, risking her life and her freedom. Would she make it out of this misadventure safely?

Discover the secrets of Lyon's renaissance Old town and wander through the narrow medieval streets following the adventures of Anne : suspense and emotions guaranteed !

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Originally from the region of Lyon, I was first interested by art and history. After several years spent abroad (Mexico, Canada, Italy, UK,...) I became more interested in what makes our cultures so different, and what make our french (and lyonnaise!) culture so specific. Now, I am passionate about my city, my culture, and I love to talk about it ! My 2 favorite things in the city : - Walking in the Vieux-Lyon early in the morning. The renaissance area is a gorgeous place, but it can be quite crowded some times. If you are brave enough to wake up early and start the tour around 8am, you will enjoy a unique experience, that looks more like time travel than anything else ! - History and Food tour of Lyon. Well what is best than enjoying the most beautiful architecture and savoring the most delicious food ?. . . I know what's best : doing it with friends ! Full profile Leave a Review

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