Puerto Ayora, Ecuador

The Charles Darwin Research Station

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Located 200 meters from the Galapagos National Park offices is a small beach area. The beach is open to the public and an excellent area for swimming, snorkelling or enjoying nature.
This is an area of typical arid zone vegetation where animals Such as marine iguanas, finches, frigate birds, yellow warblers, Lava herons and other coastal birds can be observed.
The van Straelen interpretation center, The giant Tortoises breeding center and the Land Iguana breeding center.
Just past the Galapagos National Park offices and located in typical arid zone vegetation are the islands´s interpretation Centers. The Van Straelen Center provides visitors with
Detailed information about the formation of the islands and Other interesting Galapagos facts. After stopping by the Van Straelen, visitors continue to the breeding centers where they Learn about programs to breed and repatriate land Iguanas and They can see Giant Tortoises in all stages of development. The Breeding center is home to Lonesome George, The last of his Particular species. He was moved from Española Island to the Center in hopes of breeding with a similar species.
From this area, most visitors continue their tour through the Grounds of the Charles Darwin Research Center which was Established in Puerto Ayora in 1964. This is an excellent place To learn about geology, evolution endemic species and more.

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