North Seymour Island and Las Bachas

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During navigation, spend some time on deck looking for dolphins or possibly whales. This is one of the few uplifted islands in Galapagos. In previous times, this was the ocean's bed. Today's afternoon walk includes a dry landing for a view of the coast and the interior of the island, while exploring colonies of blue footed boobies, magnificent frigate birds, and swallowtail gulls. The sandy shore teems with Galapagos sea lions and marine
Las Bachas is a white sandy beach that is a major egg-laying site for sea turtles, Las Bachas refers to the indentations left in the sand by egg laying turtles and departing hatchlings. On shore are marine iguanas and, in the lagoon, flamingos are common.

Starting at 08:00 AM
Pick up place: At the Dock or hotel
Includes: Lunch, guided visits, Naturalist guide,transportation
Duration of the tour : 8 -9 hours
Activities ( walk+swimming +snorkel)

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