Treviso, Italy

Food & Wine Tour in Treviso

with Carlo

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Smaller cities in Italy are the best locations to explore the local food and wine traditions.

Across the squares and little streets of Treviso, join a great food and wine tours to sample and learn about the unique Venetian taste.

From the the local Prosecco to unique appetizers made with porchetta (dried Italian ham), salt dried cod as well as vegetarian delicatesse passing through canals of the local Sile river and great views of Middle Ages streets with villas from the nobles.

The tour doesn't include wine and food. The prices will be:
Wine: 1 to 3 euro per glass
Appetizer: 1 to 2 euro per portion

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When I moved to London 6 years ago, I started to work at London Bicycle Tour. Coming back to Italy, I got back to my favourite thing to do: eating, drinking and laughing. I'm a funny loving guy that enjoy showing people around and tell stories about places. I am 30, Italian and I speak English quite well to explain you the local culture. Full profile Leave a Review

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