Daratsos, Greece

Cooking in Ancient Greece

with Mariana K.

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Mariana K.
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The cooking lesson takes place outdoors in a 300 years old olive grove, 5 km from the centre of Chania.
A brief introduction to food, cooking methods and trade routes of Classical Greece will be followed by a dipping back into its cuisine. Using Athenaeus’ «Deipnosophistai» and archaeological research data as inspiration, class will enjoy learning how to reproduce ancient Greek recipes both in modern kitchens and according to experimental archaeology.
After the cooking the team will eat what it has been prepared.

Learn how to make:
Lentils with coriander, leeks and honey.
Black olives sprinkled with aromatic seeds.
Bread baked in a replica of an ancient Greek portable oven.
Thrymatis, a kind of cake which when broken open reveals a small roasted bird.
Plakous, a kind of sweet bread.
Tragemata, the foods that accompanied wine.
Learn about the drinking party or symposium.

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Mariana K.

I am an experimental archaeologist-food historian, who recreates Greek historical recipes using ancient or modern techniques. In 2009 I founded Greek Culinary History & Cooking Adventures to create interactive, edible experiences that bring historical Greek gastronomy to life through synesthesia (union of the senses) as well as explore the relationship between art and food. My work takes many forms, including pop-up dinners, experiments, lectures, historic cooking courses, edible installations, and food walking tours. I am the author of a Gourmand award-winning cookbook, The Language of Taste, which is a dictionary (in Gr.) of the history and culture of Greek food and the founder and organizer of the biennial Symposia of Greek Gastronomy (conference). You can also find me at www.historyofgreekfood.weebly.com and www.historyofgreekfood.eu. Full profile Leave a Review