Béccar, Argentina

Atelier Casapuente: Tango, Jazz,art+food

with Sebastian B.

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Sebastian B.
Style: Artsy

This is a unique place in Buenos Aires.
At North, very near Beccar train Station is the atelier of SBM, Casapuente, a continuous transforming experience, where he does his work of art.
An old house, 120 years old, where you can find art, games, exhibitions, giant sculptures, live music as jazz and tango,fireplaces, garden, and a very familiar attention.
The restaurant and bar that you always dreamed!
Open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 2000 pm-0200 am.

THURSDAYS: we have a very cozy milonga: "La Torcacita".
2000 pm tango clases (aditional 50 pesos) by the formidable teacher Otto.
2200 pm a Tango Band.
And of course you can dance all night long!

2230 pm we have jazz and some other experimental music.

2000 Cinema.
2200 Jazz or others

Easy to come by train and at your way back think in bus or a remis.

Price includes: a main dish, a bottle of wine,desert and the entrance.

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Sebastian B.

Today Im a full time artist, creating art works and a new perspective in life. As a child I lived in Bariloche, a town in Patagonia. This gave me eyes and love for nature, the simple of the happiness. I been traveling a lot in places as Alaska, all America, Brazil, Scandinavia and some parts of Europe. As young I experience everything: ski instructor, rafting and fishing guide, ice hockey trainer, rock climbing, and also studied 5 years of medicine. When I was 30 I bought a sailboat together with my best friend and planned to sail around the world. We stay for three years on Ilha Grande, Brazil . Today I own Atelier Casapuente, open to the public where I develop arts at all levels. In the other hand the river and Delta conquers me every day and Nautivus is our new project, with Guillermo, (naval architect) considering it a instrument, a bridge, a new concept to enjoy and relax. Full profile Leave a Review

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